The 5th Annual Africa Pensions & Retirement Funds Conference 2024: Conference Program & Agenda

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The African pension and retirement funds industry is navigating through a transformative era marked by demographic shifts, economic volatility, and a pressing need for sustainable investment practices. Confronting the challenges and harnessing the opportunities within this landscape is pivotal for securing the financial futures of the continent’s aging population. This essay outlines the key themes of an influential conference designed to address these pressing issues.

Empowering Change: Shaping the Future of African Pensions and Retirement Funds

Empowering Delegates with Actionable Knowledge

The primary objective of the conference is to equip a diverse audience of industry experts, government officials, and fund managers with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of the pension and retirement funds landscape. By providing a platform for knowledge exchange, the conference aims to crystallize a vision for the future that is both resilient and responsive to the needs of African societies.

Advancing ESG Standards

Central to the discussions is the advancement of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. African pension funds are increasingly recognizing the importance of ESG factors in investment decision-making. The conference will tackle how these funds can lead the charge in sustainable investing, creating a ripple effect that promotes economic stability and social welfare.

Expanding Coverage in Private/Employer-Based Schemes

Another focal point of the conference is the expansion of coverage in private and employer-based pension schemes. With a significant portion of the African workforce engaged in the informal sector, innovative solutions are needed to extend pension benefits to this underserved demographic, fostering financial inclusion and security.

Aligning Sub-Themes with Broader Objectives

The sub-themes of the conference’s workshops and discussions are intricately linked with its broader objectives. They reflect a commitment to strategic planning and innovation, serving as a blueprint for pension funds to navigate regulatory environments, manage risks, and leverage opportunities for growth and development.


The conference concludes with a forward-looking discussion on shaping the future of African pensions and retirement funds. The dialogue will revolve around strategic planning and innovation, emphasizing the role of pension funds as catalysts for social good and economic development. The outcome of this conference is expected to be a set of actionable strategies that pave the way for a robust, equitable, and sustainable pension and retirement funds industry in Africa.

Conference Programme

Day 1: 21 May - Networking Day

  • Presenter: Samiha Ali
  • Topic: Zanzibar as a preferred investment destination

Day 2: 22 May - Full Day of Sessions

  • Description: Setting the stage for the conference, exploring major trends, technological advancements, and innovations shaping the African pensions landscape.
  • Description: A comprehensive discussion on the Two-Pot Retirement System’s implications, comparing it with other defined contribution plans across Africa and Europe.
  • Description: The presentation seeks to cast an eye on the Unclaimed Benefits eco system, financial incentives for different role players and the innovative initiatives MIFA has implemented.
  • Description: Despite perceptions to the contrary, markets volatility is realising at its lowest levels in 4 years. Is this the opportunity pension funds need to include derivatives and hedge fund strategies in their allocations?

  • Description: Examining the transformative impact of digital innovations on pension fund administration, cybersecurity, and member engagement.
  • Description: A discussion on the rise of ESG reporting and where it fits in the governance requirements of developing economies

Description: Analysing the gold in data and dashboards and the valuable insights they can provide.

Day 3: 23 May - Full Day of Sessions

  • Description: Navigating the legal landscape affecting pension funds, with a focus on governance, compliance, and emerging regulatory challenges.
  • Description: Understanding the need for an investment loss recovery strategy.

  • Description: Strategies for integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Description: Delving into co-investing as a strategy for pension funds, evaluating its risks, benefits, and impact on investment diversification.
  • Description: Exploring the opportunities and challenges for pension funds when pursuing ESG goals as activist shareholders
  • Description: How pension funds can contribute to economic development through infrastructure investments and engaging in socially responsible investing.

Delegates at their own Leisure

Day 4: 24 May - Half Day + Workshops

09:00 - 10:30: Morning Workshop 1: "Innovative Practices in Pension Fund Management"

  • Facilitators: Wayne Hiller van Rensburg
  • Expert Panellists: Dana Muir, Geraldine Fowler
  • Topics: “Focusing on board assessment. Tools to evaluate the performance of the board and identifying areas of success and improvement.”

Description: offering insights into operational and investment strategies pertinent to the continent.

We look forward to hosting you

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